Pajama Day

I’ve decided today is a pajama day – not unlike the last 4 days spent in the same shirt, woolly pants and slippers. There’s a laundry basket full of clothes that need to be dealt with, but for some reason I would prefer to wash my panties in the shower with me than to start up an entire ordeal of laundry loads.

I’ve finally finished (or at least approached the finishing line) this heap of literature research I’ve been doing for a blind master’s student and now… now I allow myself to binge watch terrible high school sitcoms that seem to have grown on me (though I can’t tell whether that is because the writing gets better as the seasons move along, or whether I have acclimatised myself to shit).

I also just took this personality test online offered by some PhD in psychology who is supposedly the pioneer of research in the “Highly Sensitive Person” field of literature. And…. yup, I’m highly sensitive.

So that pretty much means that I feel things a lot more deeply, quickly and complex than others, which often leads me to indecisiveness and feeling overwhelmed by chaotic, loud or intense external stimuli (like large groups, loud music, having to do too many things all at once etc..).

This, in conjunction with my neurological disorder of misophonia (look it up, it’s real) pretty much means that I’m a ball of nerves and negative reactions waiting to happen.

One good thing about all of this is that I can put a name to it.  Here I was thinking I’d just been a sensitive, irrational and over-reacting bitch this whole time. Nope, I’ve got a good dose of “highly sensitive personality traits” and a side-helping of misophonia. It’s psychology – I aint dicken around.


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